For the past seven years, I have thought and claimed that dancing is not only good for our health, but it actually contributes more than fast walking or any other physical activity. Now I have been proven to be correct. See the full study

A Few Tips for Seder Night and Pesach Vacation

When we meet our many family members and guests we should remember that we are dancers.

  • Stand straight, head held high, chest extended outward, shoulders broadened, neck elongated and legs fixed to the ground as your body stretches upward.
  • Speak energetically, fully expressing every single word.
  • Walk energetically, focusing on the rhythm of your strides, borrowing from dance, moving firmly in large, wide steps.
  • Stretch and walk every day, as we do at the beginning of each lesson. Practice the various dances using the video.
  • Perform breathing exercises several times each day, breathing in slowly from the diaphragm and then abdomen, moving the breath to the lower abdomen and then releasing slowly.
  • Perform facial yoga (facial massage), to remove the mask and turn it into smiling Buddha with shining eyes.

In conclusion, I am convinced that within the next few years we will see a vaccine or drug that will prevent Parkinson’s disease. After participating in conferences in Portland, Utah, Paris and Riga, I am very optimistic.


Smile at the world and the world will smile back!