Rafi Eldor – A Unique Role Model!

Rafi Eldor Dancing Through Parkinson

This website celebrates a unique individual in the Israeli culture and academia, Rafi Eldor. Owing to his work in both his personal and professional life, Eldor is a notable public figure who role-models unique attitude towards life and confronting challenges. Here, we tell his story and outline his contribution to society, focusing on the inspiring story of how he has been confronting his Parkinson’s disease through dance.

Contribution in Academia

Rafi Eldor (born in 1953) is an Israeli-born economist. As an academic, he developed unique ways of teaching economics to university students, and published seminal books which are regarded as cornerstones in the Israeli academic field of economics. Apart from the publishing books and articles, Eldor advocates a unique educational approach to economics, whereby students learn through the practical application of theories. He is also an economic commentator in the Israeli media, and has maintained a weekly column in “Maariv” newspaper. This website provides a thorough review of his career and professional innovation.

Dancing and Inspiring

Dance festival winner certificate for Rafi EldorDespite his important academic contribution, Eldor’s public-life story is much more than a professional one. After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, he embarked on his journey to confronting the disease’s symptoms, and his success in doing so turned him into an inspiring figure for many. Through this website you can learn from Eldor’s experience of dealing with his condition through the somewhat surprising medium of dance. Dance is by no means a traditional way to confront Parkinson’s, and in the past the doctors who would recommend it to their patients were few and far between. However, Eldor’s experience does not only inspire fellow patients to try dancing to confront their symptoms, but also offers evidence to an increasing number of doctors, who can see the inherent logic in dance therapy and to recommend it to their patients.

Telling Eldor’s Story

Rafi Eldor himself dedicates much of his time to raising awareness of Parkinson’s disease and advocating for its visibility in general, and to the merits of dancing in managing its symptoms in particular. Eldor uses several different platforms to share his own experience and bring his story to the fore: social media, TED talks, and primarily dance festivals around the world. His dance partnership with the Israeli celebrity\dancer Anna Aharonov allows him to reach a wider audience which would not usually be exposed to information about Parkinson’s. Eldor’s outreach work is driven by his sense of the transformative nature of his discovery of dance, and the desire to help others learn from this. We hope that this website helps spread the message further and brings inspiration and relief to as many people as possible.